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At The Leprechauns' Garden we design, create, and sell miniature flowers and plants. We have been in business for 20 years, and we are a small business, that does not do mass-production, but instead, creates each individual order to meet the needs and desires of our customers.

My family (my wonderful husband, who is my biggest supporter and inspiration, and my two patient and good-hearted children) and I moved to the Las Vegas area from New York in 1992. Soon after that move, I did a miniature artist display at a local library, and I was approached by two lovely ladies, Kathy and Diane, who were inspired by my art display. We brainstormed for a couple of months, took classes, and decided that we wanted to start a small business, creating "simple flower arrangements" for dollhouse owners. Over long hours, working late nights, (filled with the giggles), we chose the name The Leprechaunsí Garden, (Leprechaunsí showing more then one leprechaun working), because we pictured ourselves as three hard working ladies, toiling away in our little garden of paper flowers, to put together arrangements that would bring joy to others. We started out selling to local businesses and traveling to other states to promote our flowers. The progress was slow but steady. Then, unfortunately, Kathy became disillusioned with the politics of starting a small business and left the business to carry on in the miniature world in a more passive role. Diane and I carried on for the next year, then she too had to step back from the business as her schedule (she has 8 children, God bless her!), just could not maintain the hectic needs of a growing business. Just when I thought I could not carry on by myself, I found the Internet. With the constant help of my wonderful family (children punching out petals, and a husband who never complained about leftovers or folding laundry) and long hours of learning my way of navigating the internet, I was able to continue, and the business has grown and expanded to wonderful new heights. Gone are the days of "simple flower arrangements" to the new days of elaborate custom orders sold worldwide.

The garden gate has always been left open for the return of my two former leprechaun partners, because without their inspiration and love, this garden never would have been tilled. The Leprechauns' Garden, is the definition of a small family business, and every customer will always be treated like they are part of that family.

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